Welcome to The Little Tattoo Shoppe

Located in Portland, Oregon, The Little Tattoo Shoppe is quaint little Victorian den of exquisite artistry.  We do custom, clean tattoos for good folks. There are 2 of us here with varying styles and backgrounds. Stop by to take a look at the shoppe.

We are open for business and accepting appointments.  Give us a call and set something up.

Matthew Mattison

A tattoo artist wielding more than 20 years of experience, The Little Tattoo Shoppe Owner Matthew Mattison provides his clientele with customized designs that cater to their aesthetic. At The Little Tattoo Shoppe in Portland, Oregon, Mattison focuses on intricate pieces that clients will appreciate for the rest of their lives. While clients arrive at The Little Tattoo Shoppe for various types of artwork, the venue holds particular renown and several local accolades for its skills in portraiture.

Avalon Reynolds

Avalon has been tattooing in Portland since 2011.  She specializes in custom designs versus sticking to a specific style.  She is available on weekends by appointment.